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Wifi-Controlled Thermostats: Some Versatile Capabilities

Wifi-Controlled Thermostats: Some Versatile CapabilitiesAs you’ve no doubt noticed, technology has infiltrated our way of life at nearly every turn in recent years. Wifi-controlled thermostats are simply one more type of device that utilize advanced technology to make our lives easier. With a number of versatile capabilities, these thermostats can help you save both energy and money in your Calgary home.{C}

The Power of Being Programmable

Many of us are on the run these days, whether it’s making sure we’ve taken care of our work at the office, spending time with the family on a well-deserved vacation, or taking our kids to soccer practice. Much of the time, setting a thermostat on a daily basis or remembering to turn it off when we leave home is the last thing on our mind. Of course, this leads to wasted energy and money. Programmable thermostats have helped many homeowners to end much of their frustration, because these devices can switch your HVAC equipment on and off at specific intervals, specifically for your unique schedule.

The Power of Wifi

Not too many years ago, the idea of integrating Wifi into the technology of programmable thermostats was nothing but a pipe dream. But now the dream has become a reality and homeowners can install affordable Wifi-controlled thermostats. These new devices offer a number of versatile capabilities. For example, if you’re at your office and running late, you can access your thermostat through any internet connection and change its on/off schedule, which will keep your equipment from running while you’re not home. The same can be accomplished by way of an app downloaded to your smartphone. Simply “call up” your thermostat, make changes, and you’re all set.

Another great feature that wifi-controlled thermostats offer is the ability to install multiple sensors inside and outside your home and have them information sent to your computer or smartphone, which is especially useful when you’re using a zoning system.

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