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Here’s Why You Should Invest in Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Here’s Why You Should Invest in Preventive HVAC MaintenanceVirtually every homeowner has been told to have regular preventive maintenance performed on their HVAC systems. While having professional maintenance done is an investment of both time and money, it is a very important and worthwhile one. Preventive HVAC maintenance ensures that your system is operating at its best, which offers benefits that include a safer, more comfortable home and lower costs.

Preventive HVAC maintenance keeps your system operating at peak efficiency, and that benefits you in several ways. A system that is running at its most efficient will use less energy than a poorly-maintained system, which means lower monthly energy bills. An efficient system will help prevent home comfort issues, such as excessive moisture or hot and cold spots in your home. It also aids in preventing safety issues, such as poor indoor air quality caused by clogged filters, or in the case of furnaces, fire hazards due to dirty burners, or dangerous fumes entering your living space from compromised venting systems.

Regular preventive maintenance can also mean lower repair bills and fewer breakdowns. It helps ensure that problems are caught early, before they lead to extensive – and expensive – damage to your system. For instance, small issues like dirty coils or clogged air filters can make your system work much harder than necessary in order to keep your home comfortable, causing excessive wear on major components.

Not only can detecting problems early yield savings in repair bills, it can also prevent system breakdowns that leave you without heat on a cold winter night or without A/C on a hot summer weekend. Lastly, regular preventive HVAC maintenance maximizes system life spans, avoiding the inconvenience and expense of replacing your system prematurely.

The bottom line is that keeping up with preventive maintenance offers a great return on investment, saving money on energy, repair and replacement costs. It also offers greater home comfort and peace of mind.

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