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Why You Should Buy the Whole System, Not Just the Unit

Why You Should Buy the Whole System, Not Just the UnitA new HVAC system can help you keep your energy bills down even in the warmest Calgary summers. While it’s tempting to try to save a little by upgrading only one part of the system, upgrading both will save you the most in the long run.

Optimal Efficiency and Performance

Your cooling system consists of an outdoor and indoor unit. It’s possible to replace just one unit to save money upfront, but if you do so your system won’t reach optimal efficiency. The minimum required efficiency standards for systems manufactured today is higher than it was for systems made 10 years ago. If you pair a SEER 14 indoor unit with a less efficient SEER 10 outdoor unit, the indoor unit won’t be able to reach SEER 14. You won’t see the much lower cooling costs that make investing in more efficient equipment worth it financially.

Your comfort will also suffer. Mismatched systems have reduced cooling capacity, meaning they’ll take longer than they should to cool your home. Because the indoor coil in mismatched systems tends to overheat, these systems are less able to reduce humidity.

Fewer Maintenance Issues

When you install a new outdoor unit without replacing the indoor unit, the evaporator coil will receive either too much or too little refrigerant. This places excess strain on both the evaporator and the compressor in the outdoor unit, making the system prone to breakdowns. It reduces the lifespan of the entire system, so you’ll end up having to replace both units sooner than you should.

In most cases, despite mismatching, the warranties on your old and new equipment will remain valid. Nonetheless, you may have difficulty getting maintenance and repair guidance from the manufacturer because mismatched equipment doesn’t always behave predictably.

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