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Why UV Lights Are a Bright Idea

Why UV Lights Are a Bright IdeaImproving your home’s air quality shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather a priority. If you’re trying to develop a good strategy, including UV lights in that strategy will help ensure success. Let’s take a look at how these high-intensity lights can help clean your home’s air.

Attacking microorganisms where it hurts

As you’re probably aware, ultraviolet lights can be dangerous to organisms. As human beings, we’ve developed ways to protect ourselves like sunglasses and sunblock. Microorganisms such as viruses, mold spores, mildew and several others don’t have that option, however. When they are exposed to UV radiation, the molecular bonds that keep them intact begin to break down, rendering them inert and harmless.

Working with your HVAC system

UV lights are installed at the site of the induct or evaporator coil, which keeps them away from people to prevent accidental exposure. Whenever your HVAC system is switched on, even just on its “fan” setting, the microorganisms are pushed through your home’s ductwork. Once they pass the UV lights, they are practically destroyed. And since air must be continuously cycled throughout your home, these high-intensity lights will rid your home of the majority of harmful organic elements.

Low cost variable speed technology

In the past, the use of UV lights operated at a specific intensity on a continuous basis in order to take full advantage of their effects. As you imagine, even though the lights proved to be a great way to reduce the amount of dangerous microorganisms in the air, this constant use of power will raise your energy usage, resulting in higher costs each month. With variable speed technology, though, this waste of energy is a thing of the past. These newer UV light systems have the ability to detect the amount of microorganisms in the air and will provide only the intensity required to neutralize them, saving a good deal of energy.

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