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Why Should I Flush Out My Home’s Hot Water Heater?

Why Should I Flush Out My Home's Hot Water Heater?There are many benefits to having a tankless water heater. They’re compact in size and are much more efficient than other types of systems. As with all water heaters, some maintenance is necessary to ensure proper long-term functionality.

Cleaning Priorities

Tankless water heaters have a screen inside to prevent particles from getting into the water flow sensor. This is a crucial element required for water heaters to function properly. You should have this screen inspected periodically to ensure your unit is operating at optimal efficiency.

Make sure your heating elements have no lime scale buildup on them. Even a light coating can dramatically reduce water heater efficiency by running longer heating cycles and shortening its usable lifespan.

The Flushing Process

  • First, your electricity and gas supply will be turned off, as well as the isolation valves that connect your water heater to the main water supply.
  • Then, the cold and hot water purge port valve caps should be removed. These will be used as the inlet and outlet for flushing.
  • The water heater manufacturer’s instructions for attaching lines and draining the tank should be followed.
  • A mildly acidic descaler can be used to flush your hot water heater. After the flushing cycle with the descaler has been completed, your water heater will be flushed to remove any remnants.
  • A pH meter or testing strip is then used to test the water flowing out of your unit to make sure there’s no scale removal agent in the water.
  • After flushing, the purge port valves will be closed, the lines removed and the valve caps replaced and tightened.
  • Lastly, the isolation valve should be opened and the power or gas turned back on. You may then restart your water heater to be used normally.

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