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Why It’s Important to Have Your Ducts Cleaned Before You Hunker Down for Winter

Why It’s Important to Have Your Ducts Cleaned Before You Hunker Down for Winter

Fall is already well underway, and with leaves and temperatures dropping, it’s time to ensure everything in your home is safe and secure, ready for whatever mother nature may bring. All household systems are put under additional strain during the colder months, and HVAC is no exception. family inside their home enjoying fresh, clean air

As a key part of your air temperature control system, ducts take a beating, particularly when the furnace is running night and day. That’s why scheduling a duct-cleaning appointment with Arpi’s should be on every Calgary homeowner’s to-do list.

Read on to discover why, alongside other essential winter HVAC preparation, you should ensure your ducts are sparkly-clean.

Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are closed systems. This means that the air in your property is constantly recirculated. A system clogged up with grime and dirt will not work efficiently, plain and simple. Any debris in your ducts is likely to be blown out into your interior, increasing the amount of particulate matter in the air.

Even with filtering, air containing higher-than-average levels of dust places stress on the motors. The blower motor, in particular, is especially prone to breakdown due to moving dirty air. Cleaning your ducts removes pathogens and grime, ensuring a clear, unobstructed pathway through which air can flow, and your system can operate.

Clean ducts not only improve performance but also reduce the effort the system’s motors need to make, decreasing the energy required to power the system effectively.

What’s not to like about a lower utility bill due to reduced energy consumption? Cleaning your ducts could end up saving you money. Now there’s a concept!

Enhance Air Quality

From respiratory health issues to unpleasant smells, dampness in the air, and increased pathogens, poor air quality can cause a great deal of misery and ill health.

Several air purification options are available – duct cleaning is one of the easiest to implement. Any dirt or germs deposited in air ducts are blown back into the room, ready to be inhaled. Cleaning the ducts removes this unwanted material, resulting in immediate improvements in air quality.

Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Disease

If your air is full of spores and bacteria that have taken up residence in your ducting and are being recirculated through your HVAC system, prompt action is needed.

Winter is a dangerous time of year for the vulnerable – the old, the young, and/or those with pre-existing health conditions. Vulnerable individuals are at increased risk of developing respiratory disease if exposed to high numbers of germs due to a progressive build-up of nasties in the HVAC ducting. If some of your property’s occupants are at risk, ensuring your ducts are clean is a priority.

Depending on your household, you may also wish to consider additional air quality solutions and monitoring to protect you and your family from the dangers poor air quality may present.

Decrease Your Mold Risk

Keeping windows shut so everyone stays cozy is typical behavior during the cold winter. Unfortunately, inadequate ventilation can lead to increased humidity, providing the perfect breeding ground for mold. Spores thrive in dirty ducts, fed by the moisture in your interior air. As they multiply, spores and warm air from your HVAC system are blown out into your rooms.

Duct cleaning helps to keep mold at bay, along with other measures such as installing a dehumidifier and ensuring an adequate interior temperature all year-’round.

Minimize Wear and Tear to Your HVAC System

Dirty ducts increase the stress the motors and other moving parts in your system are under. This accelerates wear, increases the risk of unwanted breakdown, and can even shorten the useful lifespan of your HVAC unit. If you want to treat your HVAC system to a long, low-stress life, duct cleaning is a great start.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Calgary

The Arpi’s team is happy to advise on all aspects of winter HVAC preparation, providing Calgary homeowners with the information they need to ensure their home remains a comfortable, healthy haven, no matter how low the temperature may go.

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