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Whole-House Humidifiers Ideal For Improving Indoor Air That’s Dry

The winter season in Calgary generally means homeowners must endure long spells of frigid temperatures and high winds, but it also means the air inside your home is drier, which causes a host of problems for not only your health but your home, too. Whole-house humidifiers are the answer to dry indoor air, helping to create comfortable indoor conditions, no matter where you are in your home.

Two basic factors influence the relative humidity inside your home:

  • The outdoor weather – As the temperature drops and the air becomes cooler, it is naturally unable to hold moisture, whereas warmer temperatures allow the air to contain moisture.
  • Your heating system – As you run your heating system more often at the height of winter, the more likely it is that the air inside your home will become drier. Even though heat increases the temperature in the home, it cannot overcome the lack of moisture in the outdoor air. In fact, increasing heat inside the home, with extreme differences between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, will make indoor air even drier.

Dry air is problematic. It can cause health problems, including:

  • Dry nasal passages and membranes
  • Chapped lips
  • Itchy, dry eyes
  • Colds
  • Respiratory issues

Dry air can also cause damage to your home, including:

  • Static electricity, which can damage electronics
  • Wilting plants
  • Cracked wood products, like floors or trim
  • Warped musical instruments

Humidifiers solve dry air problems

Whole-house humidifiers are an ideal solution to dry indoor air. Connected upstream of your heating system and commonly installed in ducts, a whole-house humidifier will generate water vapor and release that vapor into the heated stream of air that’s making its way into your home. In that way, you can enjoy a comfortably humidified space in every room of your home. Most whole-house systems come with sensors that will automatically read your home’s relative humidity, and adjust the system’s output accordingly.

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