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When It Comes To A Tankless Water Heater, Efficiency Is Everything

A tankless water heater has many advantages over a conventional tank system, with efficiency topping the list. So, when you choose a tankless system for your Calgary home, you’ll want to keep several factors in mind.


Tankless water heaters have an efficiency rating to guide consumers through the selection process. Look for an Energy Factor (EF) rating for tankless systems, with the lowest-efficiency systems manufactured at 0.67 EF, according to current industry standards.

Tankless systems are capable of reaching maximum efficiency levels because they heat water “on demand,” which is why they’re also called “demand water heaters.” Some models are able to reach peak efficiencies of 98 percent, and they can be a better choice than tank-type models, which are subject to energy losses because they have to maintain consistent water temperatures throughout a 24-hour period.

Other factors

Tankless water heaters do have a few drawbacks, which can be addressed through flow rate and temperature rise to maximize efficiency. If a system is installed far from the point of use, there can be a lag time between turning a faucet on and delivering hot water. Second, such systems are limited to their capacity, much like a conventional tank system’s limitations.

To ensure water supply and efficiency consider:

  • Flow rate – Calculated via Litres Per Minute (LPM), you’ll need to figure out the capacity of the water sources and how many activities, like showering or washing dishes, it will supply to determine the flow rate.
  • Temperature rise – Your home’s water supply enters your home at a certain temperature. The tankless system will need to boost that temperature to meet your ideal water temperature.

Homeowners should keep in mind that maintenance is critical. Because our city’s hard water can degrade a system, it’s recommended that homeowners use a water softener. And having your system regularly serviced will keep it free of scaling and mineral deposits from hard water.

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