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What to Look for in a Reliable HVAC Technician

Arpi's provides new furnace installation and replacementWhether you’re new to home ownership or you’ve been in your home awhile, the time will come when you’ll need to hire an HVAC technician. There are a lot of HVAC companies out there. How do you find a good one? We’ve got some helpful tips that can make your search for a reliable HVAC technician a little easier.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Your friends, relatives, neighbours and work colleagues may know a reliable HVAC technician they can recommend. Try to get at least three recommendations. Ask the person recommending the company why they liked them. Did the company finish the job on time? Was the job done satisfactorily? Was the final cost close to the estimate?
  2. Study websites and social media. Before you call any of the recommendations, study the websites for all the companies. Have they been in business for a long time? Does the website look professional and well maintained? Does the company offer maintenance or installation specials? How about warranties or discounts? Also look at social media and online recommendations from sites such as Homestars and the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Interview the consultant. Give the consultant a clear idea of what you want done and ask for a ballpark estimate and how long the job will take. Jot down responses and compare when you’re done. You may not want to go with the cheapest price; low price doesn’t guarantee a reliable HVAC technician, and for complex systems like HVAC, good workmanship is a must. Also ask about the quality of training for the company’s technicians. Working on today’s sophisticated HVAC equipment requires good training and certification.
  4. Ask for and contact references. The HVAC consultant should be able to give you the name of two or three references. When contacting any of the references the company gives you, ask if the job was completed on schedule and if the charge for equipment and services was satisfactory. Was the customer happy with any interactions with the HVAC technician?

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