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What Kind of Furnace Should You Buy?

Are you worried that your furnace will not survive another winter? If so,you are probably wondering what kind of furnace is right for your home. The primary factors to considerare your heating requirements, ductwork, the size of your home and your budget. Several types of furnaces are available to the homeowner.

Types of Furnaces

  • Single-stage furnace – This furnace operates at full capacity at all times. The outside weather conditions or temperature in various parts of your home does not affect the operation. Energy efficiency is adversely affected because maximum heat is constantly dispensed with this all or nothing approach.
  • Two-stage furnace – There are several advantages to the two-speed operation. The furnace can use the first or lower speed for times when temperatures are not extreme. During very cold times, a second speed can activate to provide more heat to keep your home comfortable. Many hours during each day may only require the low speed operation which amounts to a significant savings in your monthly energy costs. A much quieter operation is another benefit of the two-stage system. Less carbon dioxide emissions are sent into the atmosphere with this method of operation.
  • Variable-speed furnace – The fan motor can operate at various speeds sending the correct amount of heat throughout your home in all weather conditions. The fan is also capable of activating without the furnace in operation. Heat and humidity can be controlled in this way, providing a comfortable environment for your home. The air quality is improved due to increased filtering during air circulation. Energy efficiency is also improved because of reduced furnace operation. The purchase price is higher, but significant savings in energy expenses are realized over time.

Discuss plans to replace your furnace with a professional before making a decision regarding purchasing a furnace. A qualified technician can measure your living space by calculating the amount of doors, windows and other factors to ensure you install the correct size replacement.

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