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What Is an Ideal Room Temperature for Sleeping?

Having your thermostat set to the correct temperature is an important part of having a comfortable home. Your ideal room temperature for sleeping is a key figure to know, as you don’t want to have trouble falling asleep or have to wake up several times a night to adjust the temperature. In fact, if your home’s temperature is too hot or too cold, it can have a notable impact on the quality of your sleep and can lead to insomnia.

What Is the Ideal Room Temperature for Sleeping?

The ideal room temperature for sleeping is not an exact figure but a range of temperatures typically between 17°C and 20°C. Note that some people like having their room temperature a bit warmer, and settings as hot as 22.22°C can also be an ideal room temperature for sleeping depending on the person. Finding the right temperature can involve a bit of experimentation, as everyone is different. However, it is advised that you start at a colder setting and slowly raise the heat, because if you’re too hot, you’ll have a harder time trying to fall asleep than if you’re too cold.

How An HVAC Expert Can Help

An important aspect to not overlook is your home’s HVAC system, as things such as leaks, an aging heating system, an imprecise thermostat, and needed maintenance can make it far more difficult to keep your home’s temperature at a consistent level. If you find yourself unable to predictably control your home’s temperature, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. 

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