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Ways Rain Can Affect Your Home’s HVAC System

Your HVAC system is designed tough — particularly the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. And though we don’t usually have to worry about hurricanes or tornadoes doing damage to the condenser in our part of Canada, other weather issues can create problems — particularly rain. Read on about rain effects on HVAC equipment.

Rain: How It Affects Your Air Conditioner

OK, let’s get this straight right away: in general, rain will never harm your condenser. That is, unless there’s flooding. If ponding in your yard is an issue, there could be a scenario where your unit becomes flooded and damage can occur. If you see this happening, be sure to turn the A/C off right away so that no electrical damage can occur. Most likely, you will have to relocate your unit to prevent this happening again. You could also elevate the concrete base the unit sits on, depending on how high the water is likely to be.

Will rain adversely affect your A/C just by raining inside it? Generally, it won’t when moisture falls as rain. It could be, however, that snow might get inside your condenser, freeze at night, melt in the daytime and refreeze. This might cause damage to the condenser, compressor or coils. If this is happening, you may want to put some temporary cover over the unit, such as a piece of plywood, and secure it tightly with straps or cords.

You can wrap the unit in wintertime in a commercially manufactured cover or tarp, but this can be dicey. Wrap it too tightly and mold could occur inside the unit. Also, rodents, which can chew wires and cause extensive damage, may find it attractive for nesting.

Rain storms are often accompanied by high winds that may blow down limbs or trees and damage your unit. If this is a concern, you should relocate the unit or have a removeable cover installed. Ultimately, the goal is to limit negative rain effects on HVAC equipment.

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