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Venting Options For Furnace Replacements

Replacing your furnace is a huge undertaking. Not only is it a significant investment, but choosing systems and features to optimize efficiency and energy savings takes time and knowledge. One element that is important to consider with furnace replacements (and installing systems in a new construction) is where to vent the furnace.

Traditionally, venting a furnace through the roof or chimney has been standard procedure. Today, however, there are other venting options available. Alternative venting options can contribute to lower costs, cutting the costs of labor and materials for the initial installation. Additionally, when a home has more than one story, side-wall venting for furnace replacements drastically decreases the costs, requiring fewer adjustments for factors like ductwork. With less ductwork, and less adjustments, you can also extend the total square footage of living space because your home doesn’t have to reserve as much space for ductwork chases.

When considering side-wall venting with furnace replacements, however, homeowners need to know that there are certain local (and national) building codes and city by-laws that dictate where a vent can be placed.

As homeowners tend to think of the best options in terms of their aesthetic appeal, this can often conflict with HVAC contractors’ goals of safety and the practical realities of installation. Additionally, contractors must comply with codes and by-laws, and because there are safety issues with exhausting dangerous combustion gases — with all types of ventilation — certain restrictions will apply in order to ensure that safety.

If you’re selecting a new high-efficiency furnace, side-wall venting, in fact, is essential for the system’s success. Most chimneys are not built to facilitate the needs of high-efficiency systems and are generally side-vented to maintain efficiency. Significant alterations, like size and materials, must be made to chimneys to accommodate high-efficiency systems. Chimneys are often not as safe as side-venting, which can be expertly installed to appropriately capture combustion gases.

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