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Variable-Speed Furnace Blowers Can Boost Savings Significantly

Variable-Speed Furnace Blowers Can Boost Savings SignificantlyVariable-speed furnace blowers offer a host of benefits, and they are a valuable feature to consider when upgrading to a new furnace system, especially for homeowners who live in colder regions much like Calgary’s. With quiet, efficient, comfortable operations, variable-speed furnace blowers also boost indoor air quality.

Energy savings

Energy savings is a primary benefit for choosing a furnace blower with variable-speed options. Standard blowers run at full speed all of the time, which consumes a lot of energy. Multiple speeds, however, allow the furnace blower to uniquely respond to climate demands, running at lower levels during mild conditions and ramping up to high speeds only when necessary.

Lower noise emissions

You have most likely experienced that noisy “whoosh” of air when a furnace cycles on to distribute heated air. That’s the furnace blower, and full-speed systems make a lot of noise. A variable-speed unit always cycles on at a lower speed, even during cold spells, and takes several minutes to gradually reach higher speeds, so you’ll never hear that sound again.

Increased comfort

Because of its ability to gradually ramp up to higher speeds, variable-speed blowers provide a more even, comfortable heat, every day, all day. Instead of blasting hot air, cycling off, and the blasting hot air again, a variable-speed blower gradually ramps up, so you won’t experience a blast of hot air that warms you up, but when it turns off, the warmth turns of with it. Variable abilities consistently distributed even heating.

Better indoor air

When a system can respond to heating demands by running more often at lower speeds, that also means that the air in your home is circulated continuously. With full-speed systems cycling on and off more frequently, the airflow slows down when the system stops. With the ability to run at lower speeds consistently, your indoor air gets an upgrade because it’s always moving.

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