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Valuable Features That Make Tankless Water Heaters Stand Out

HVAC manufacturers have responded with highly-efficient technology to recent standards created by the government. Tankless water heaters have gained notoriety as one product that meets standards, and even exceeds them.

In the past, most homes were fitted with a traditional storage tank model. While these units get the job done, there are significant losses from stand-by heating, because the storage tank is designed to hold tens of Imperial Gallons and it takes energy to maintain that heated water.

Tankless systems bypass a holding tank of heated water. Once the faucet is turned on, the unit instantly heats water through an electrical component or gas burner. The system’s ability to instantaneously heat water is what makes it so efficient.

Other features of the tankless water heater include:

  • The system’s lifespan of 20 years, twice as long as a traditional storage system.
  • Storage tank units take up quite a bit of space, whereas tankless systems are smaller.
  • They are ideal for new construction and retrofits, because the units are small and normally installed close to their point of use, which is generally under cabinets.

One of the concerns people have with tankless systems is maintaining temperature. If units are installed far from their point of use, the temperature can drop from the time it takes the water to leave the control unit and arrive at the faucet.

You can solve this problem by: combining a tankless unit with a 40-gallon capacity storage tank; installing two tankless water heaters, one for appliances, and one for family use at taps; or, having the water heater installed as close as possible to point of use.

Because hard water is commonplace for Calgary residents, it’s necessary to use water softeners with tankless systems. Hard water buildup is difficult to remove and it eventually hinders efficiency. Regular maintenance also helps and your HVAC contractor can use a “flush kit” to effectively remove buildup.

Consider tankless water heaters to save money and to meet efficiency standards. Arpi’s is a leader in Calgary and the surrounding area. Call us with your tankless water heater questions.

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