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Using an HRV to Deliver Fresh Air While Recouping Energy

Using an HRV to Deliver Fresh Air While Recouping EnergyOpening windows and drapes to bring fresh air and sunshine into the home is certainly a delight when the weather is right. However, when Calgary’s weather isn’t so inviting, or when the air quality health index affects respiratory issues, uncontrolled and unfiltered ventilation doesn’t seem very appealing. Using an HRV to deliver fresh air is the ideal solution for homeowners who want fresh ventilation throughout the home for better indoor air quality and comfort, but don’t want the hefty energy expenses for heating and cooling the fresh air.

How an HRV works

An HRV (heat-recovery ventilator) is a mechanical ventilation system that uses a heat-exchanger core to recover or transfer heat between stuffy, polluted indoor air and fresh supply air. An HRV may utilize existing ductwork in your home, or you may opt to install a dedicated duct system if your home does not use a forced-air heating/cooling system.

Heat recovery/transfer occurs through thin metal plates as the opposing air streams circulate inside the heat exchanger. This also ensures the air streams do not mix. As much as 80 percent of heat energy is recovered or transferred between air streams, which helps recoup energy costs.

Controlled whole-house ventilation

While HRVs may be installed for ventilating specific rooms (e.g. kitchen and living room), whole-house HRV systems are most effective for improving indoor air quality throughout the entire home. Energy-efficient homes with tight air sealing and ample insulation dramatically reduce energy bills and boost home comfort, but tight homes suffer from stuffy and polluted air. In addition to improved indoor air quality, HRVs provide homeowners these benefits:

  • HRVs help prevent back-drafting of combustion appliances by stabilizing air pressure between indoor and outside air.
  • HRVs help manage moisture inside a home which enhances comfort and reduces moisture-related issues, such as mold growth and damage to porous building structure, possessions and furnishings.

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