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Use Your Whole-House Humidification System To Boost Energy Savings During Cooler Weather

Whole-house humidification systems are a valuable commodity for Calgary homes. In Calgary and Southern Alberta, the average daily temperatures for more than half of the year dip below zero, and those cold temperatures mean severely dry air. It’s important to add moisture to the air in order to avoid health issues, as well as to save energy.

You’ve probably experienced the effects of a home with low relative humidity: it leads to irritated nasal passages and respiratory issues, and compounds problems stemming from allergies and asthma. Cool, dry winter air doesn’t just aggravate health issues, but it also requires you to raise the temperature in your home to stay warm.

Adding moisture back into the home will alleviate these problems, and save you a bundle on energy costs. A safe range for relative humidity is generally between 30 and 50 percent. Winter air is naturally cold, and cooler air can’t hold moisture, which is why the air during the winter season is so dry. But replacing the moisture in the air with whole-house humidification systems can boost relative humidity. In fact, with a humidifier adding a 10 percent moisture level into the air, you can boost your indoor temperature by almost one full degree. That’s how such a system can help you save more energy – because moist air will be warmer, so you can lower your thermostat on a regular basis.

Here’s how it works:

Humidity levels influence the temperature. An indoor temperature of 20 degrees with humidity levels of 35 percent will feel the same to home occupants as a temperature of 22 degrees and 35 percent humidity. So, you can save energy by lowering the thermostat’s setting when you raise the moisture levels of your home.

This year, keep your savings in the plus column with the use of a whole-house humidification system. You’ll enjoy increased home comfort, and avoid those bothersome health issues that arise from dry winter air. To select a system that will meet your home’s needs, contact the local HVAC experts at Arpi’s Industriestoday!

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