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Use Ceiling Fans To Enhance Heating And Save

Use Ceiling Fans To Enhance Heating And SaveIf you used your ceiling fan to boost the comfort level of your home this summer, you may be surprised to know that ceiling fans are also useful additions to your heating system in the winter. Here are some ways you can use ceiling fans to enhance heating and decrease your utility bills this season.

  • Reverse fan direction: Ceiling fans provide extra air circulation for your home, which helps move the conditioned air generated by your HVAC system. In the summer, cool air drops to the floor, so it is best to have the airflow from the fan directed downward. In the winter, reverse the fan’s direction of rotation to direct air upward toward the ceiling. Since warm air rises, heated air from your furnace will accumulate near your ceiling. With the ceiling fan directing airflow upward, it will disperse this mass of heated air, sending it back down into the room where it can provide better heating.
  • Make sure you have the correct size fan: Bigger ceiling fans and fans with larger blades provide better circulation. Rooms up to 225 square feet need a fan between 35 and 44 inches in diameter. Rooms larger than that may need a fan of 52 inches in diameter or larger. Ask your local trusted HVAC contractor for help choosing the best size fan for your home.
  • Put a fan at the top of the stairs: If you have a two-story home, warm air will also rise to the second floor. This will make the upper floor warmer than the lower level. To keep heating more consistent, put a ceiling fan at the top of the stairs. Set the fan to direct air upward and it will help disperse and recirculate the warm air that accumulates on the second floor, redirecting it back down the stairs to the first floor.

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