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Use Arpi’s Checklist For Water-Heater Maintenance

water heater maintenance calgary albertaA water heater is a critical component to comfortable living that we don’t often think about until there’s a problem. Life without hot water is a huge inconvenience, but it’s actually fairly easy to keep a water heater in good condition. Here are a few simple steps homeowners can take to maintain their water heater system, as well as steps that a professional will take upon inspection.

Flushing out a water heater is of primary importance, and most homeowners can do this job bi-annually. Flushing the system is important because water is generally comprised of minerals. While water moves into and out of the heater, this sediment eventually falls to the bottom of the tank. So, why is this sediment a problem? Sediment is actually a water heater’s worst enemy. At best, sediment buildup will decrease the water heater’s efficiency, and at worst, buildup will develop into rust, eventually corrode the tank and the system will break down.

The good news is that you can follow some easy steps to maintain the water heater:

  • First, turn off energy connections, including gas and electricity, as well as the water.
  • Then, locate the drain near the bottom of the tank.
  • Attach a hose that drains into a bucket.
  • Turn the water back on, release the pressure valve, and let the tank drain. This will take less than an hour.
  • Finally, turn all controls back to their original settings.

While regularly flushing the water heater on your own will help, having a professional inspect and clean the system creates a significant impact on the health of the system. An expert HVAC contractor has the skills and expertise to maintain the system and help you avoid costly damage. They are also knowledgeable in the appropriate safety standards necessary when working with gas and electricity. During maintenance, a contractor will:

  • Flush the system
  • Inspect for buildup and rust
  • Perform tests appropriate for assessing valve pressure and temperature
  • Assess special concerns that come with hard or soft water usage

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