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Upgrading Your Furnace Because Last Season’s Performance Was Dismal? Choose Features Wisely

Upgrading Your Furnace Because  Last Season's Performance Was Dismal? Choose Features WiselyYou’ve had the entire spring and summer to think it over, so now’s the time to ask yourself: How did your furnace perform last winter? If your heating system worked poorly, you may be ready to consider upgrading your furnace before this winter’s heating season. Here are some of the better performance features you can look for in your new heating system.

  • Size: Your furnace needs to be the correct size to work with your home’s unique characteristics. Too-small furnaces don’t heat well and wear out earlier because they have to work harder. Too-large furnaces overheat and can waste significant amounts of energy and money. Ask your local trusted HVAC supplier for help with sizing your furnace.
  • High efficiency: High-efficiency furnaces make better use of the fuel or electricity used to generate heat, which means they provide excellent levels of heating at lower cost. Look for models with high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) to get the best efficiency.
  • Gas-condensing models: Gas-condensing furnaces offer higher levels of efficiency by using a second heat exchanger to extract more heat from the system’s exhaust gases. Nearly all of the heat in the gases is recovered and reused. The process leaves water behind, which is safely drained away.
  • Efficiency-boosting features: Modern furnaces can be equipped with several technologically sophisticated features and components that can improve the system’s efficiency. Two-stage gas valves, variable speed compressors and dual-stage blowers improve efficiency by providing operational levels that more closely match the actual heating requirements without wasting fuel, power or performance.

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