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Upgrading Your A/C? You Need To Know These Cooling Terms

Upgrading Your A/C? You Need To Know These Cooling TermsBefore you call on your HVAC contractor about upgrading your A/C, you’ll need to get “in the know.” Heating and cooling terminology isn’t difficult to learn, but there’s no doubt about it: The HVAC industry has its own language.

When upgrading your A/C, here’s the lingo you’ll need to know.

Air conditioner components include:

  • Refrigerant: A liquid/gas that runs through the A/C, refrigerant is designed to absorb and release heat throughout the cooling process.
  • Coil: This is the tubing through which refrigerant flows. It can take on various configurations, such as an “A” or “N” coil, and help transfer heat.
    Evaporator: Housed in the indoor unit, this coil helps in the heat absorption process.
  • Compressor: This device compresses refrigerant so that it turns into a hot, high-pressure gas.
  • Condenser: Another coil that is housed in the outdoor unit, the condenser helps to release heat.
  • Expansion feature: This meters the flow of refrigerant, releasing it once it passes through the compressor.
  • Plenum: Part of the general air conditioner unit inside the home, the plenum helps to distribute cool air into the home.

Aside from learning A/C components, when upgrading your A/C, you’ll likely hear your contractor use these terms:

  • Btu/h (British thermal unit per hour): This is a number that will reveal the output capacity of an air conditioner.
  • Watt-hour: Another term that experts use to evaluate system efficiency, watt-hours are simply a unit of power.
  • Ton: This is another expression of air conditioner capacity. A/C system capacity is commonly described in terms of tonnage.
  • Cooling load: This term shows how much heat is allowed to build up in a room when the A/C isn’t running. With this calculation, your technician can correctly size air conditioner capacity to meet the load.

With a little knowledge under your belt, you can “talk the talk” with your HVAC contractor. More so, HVAC terminology will help you make an educated decision and a wise investment that will pay well in energy savings for years to come. For more expert advice, contact Arpi’s Industries today. We serve the greater Calgary area.

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