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Upgrade Heating System With Manufacturer and Provincial Rebates

When considering what to do with an old or ailing heating system, the best choice may be to replace it with one of the new high-efficiency furnaces. Now is the time, as there are still incentives and rebates available to homeowners.

Another reason to replace? Newer, high-efficiency furnaces have a 90% – 97% rating and are much kinder to the environment. The actual savings to you, which will continue after replacement costs are covered, could be as much as 35% of your energy bill. Since about 60% of your total energy expense will go towards heating your home, this represents considerable savings over time.

Also, high-efficiency furnaces today are a better choice because sealed combustion means there is no danger of carbon monoxide leakage, which is also a serious concern, especially within a home. Additionally, a house with a highly efficient system may keep as much as 1.4 tonnes of green house carbon dioxide gases out of the atmosphere.

Because the government wants everyone on board, monetary rewards and credits for purchasing high-efficiency furnaces are being offered. Energy Star models may qualify, and provincial complementary rebates may be offered for replacement systems that meet certain qualifications. Keep in mind that, although the Federal program was cancelled, projects funded under the ecoENERGY Retrofit Incentive Program have until March 31, 2012 to finish.

Launching in the spring of 2017, the Residential Retail Products Program offers incentives when purchasing energy efficient appliances and other energy-saving products, including tankless water heaters and smart thermostats.

And, Lennox is also offering a $1000 manufacturer’s rebate plus 6-month no-interest financing on qualifying systems, so be sure to ask us about this great opportunity to save big on a new, state-of-the-art Lennox system.

At Arpi’s, we know how necessary a good, reliable heating system is, especially in our frigid Alberta winters. We can help you choose the right size and model as well as handle replacement and installation of high-efficiency furnaces. Call today for a system analysis.

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