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Two-stage Furnaces: What Are They and Why Would You Want One?

Two-stage Furnaces: What Are They and Why Would You Want One?If you’re thinking about replacing the heating system in your home, a two-stage furnace offers a number of benefits that are worth considering. To further explain, let’s compare traditional and two-stage furnaces.

  • Standard or single-stage furnaces only have one heat output setting and fan speed. They operate at full capacity whenever they cycle on, and once they reach the temperature setting on a home’s thermostat, they cycle off. They’re ideally suited for areas such as northern Alberta, where it stays extremely cold all winter.

  • Two-stage furnaces have a gas valve with two firing positions, and a variable speed blower fan. This enables two heat output levels. When it’s milder, two-stage heating operates on low. When temperatures dip and more output is needed, the higher level automatically kicks in. This type of heating is well-suited for our winters here in Calgary, where it can get very cold, but temperatures can fluctuate frequently.

Two-stage furnaces offer some other advantages:

  • Enhanced comfort. With single-stage heating, you’ll experience a blast of hot air when the furnace cycles on, followed by chilly periods when it’s off. Your new two-stage furnace will operate for longer periods so you’ll have fewer temperature spikes and drops, and more consistent warmth.

  • Less noise. A standard furnace cycles on and off frequently, and you’ll hear the fan motor starting up every time. In contrast, a two-stage furnace starts off and runs longer on low, and adjusts to high only when it’s needed. You won’t hear your furnace “kicking in” numerous times, so the overall operation is quieter.

  • Better air filtration. Because your new furnace runs for longer periods, your indoor air is filtered almost constantly, so more allergens and pollutants are removed.

  • Greater efficiency. Two-stage furnaces operate on “low” up to 80 percent of the time, so they use less fuel. When you decide to invest in one, you’ll see savings on your heating bill.

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