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Try Home Humidification If You’re Tired Of Dealing With Dry Winters

Try Home Humidification If You're Tired Of Dealing With Dry WintersWinter air is drier than air in other seasons, and in combination with the warm, dry air coming out of your heating system, it can produce several types of physical discomforts and external aggravations. You can reduce these annoyances and make your indoor environment much more pleasant by increasing the level of home humidification throughout your living environment.

Dry winter air can produce physical effects such as dry skin, irritated eyes and throats, nosebleeds, and respiratory troubles. It raises the amount of static electricity in your home, increasing those surprising and annoying little shocks you receive when touching a doorknob or piece of metal. Excessively dry air in your home will make you feel colder than the actual temperature of the room since the air will absorb moisture from your skin, producing a cooling effect similar to that felt when sweat evaporates. Dry indoor air can also cause damage to wood furniture, paneling, flooring and even the house frame.

A whole-home humidification system is an effective way to counter these dry-air problems. Whole-home humidifiers help you maintain a relative humidity level of 35-55 percent throughout your house, which will cut down static electricity buildup, reduce physical effects of dry air, and improve overall home comfort.

Whole-home humidification systems are installed along with your existing forced-air furnace or heat pump. The humidifier is placed within the airflow of the heating system, ensuring that all the heated air that gets into your house is also treated within the humidifier. As the air circulates into the humidifier, moisture is added in the form of water vapor or mist. This water humidifies the air and increases its moisture content. The humidified air then travels on through your heating system as normal, warming your home but also increasing relative humidity levels in every area reached by your ductwork system.

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