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Think a Zoning System Might Improve Your Comfort? Some Points to Ponder

Think a Zoning System Might Improve Your Comfort? Some Points to PonderAn HVAC zoning system allows you to divide your Calgary home into different sections or zones. Each of these zones then has its own corresponding thermostat and temperature controls.

Homes with a zoning system in place can conserve energy, reduce utility bills, and extend the lifetime of HVAC equipment, all while maintaining superior comfort. If you are wondering whether your household could benefit from a zoning system, consider these points:

Do You Live in a Multi-level Home?
Because heat rises, different floors in a multi-level home have differing cooling and heating requirements. When a zoning system is not in place, this results in varying temperatures between the upstairs, downstairs, and basement. However, by separating each level into its own zone or zones, you can have precision control of each floor’s temperature.

Does Your Home Heat and Cool Unevenly?
Even rooms in single-story homes are susceptible to different cooling and heating tendencies, depending on factors like location and window count. This can lead to uncomfortable hot and cold spots within your home, a problem that may be remedied by separating your house into zones.

Do You Have Rooms That Aren’t Being Used?
Perhaps you have an office or den that is rarely occupied. Why waste money and energy to heat and cool a room that nobody uses? When zoning systems are in place, unoccupied rooms can be separated and their thermostats only adjusted when family members plan to use them.

Do You Have High Energy Bills?
Implementing an HVAC zoning system can significantly decrease the amount of money you spend on cooling and heating your home. This happens because, instead of adjusting a blanket temperature to your whole house, you are heating and cooling only the rooms you plan on using when you use them. As a side effect, because your HVAC equipment is less taxed when this system is in place, it generally lasts longer and requires fewer expensive repairs and component replacements.

For more information about how you can implement this system in your home, or to learn about other energy-efficient HVAC products and solutions, contact your neighbourhood experts at Arpi’s Industries Ltd.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Calgary, Alberta about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about UV lights and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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