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Think You Might Have a Gas Leak? Here’s What You Should Do

Think You Might Have a Gas Leak? Here’s What You Should DoAny home with combustion-powered appliances is at risk for a gas leak. Fortunately, there are many signs that gas is leaking, so learn to spot them and know when to take action. Following are some tips for detecting and dealing with gas leaks.

Why Gas Leaks Are Dangerous

The natural gas that enters your home to fuel your furnace, water heater or range is mostly made up of methane. Odorless and tasteless, it has a sulfur-smelling substance added to it so that you can detect its presence. Although not poisonous in itself, natural gas is dangerous because it can cause suffocation in high concentrations. It’s also highly combustible and can explode in high concentrations.

Signs Your Home Has a Gas Leak

The best way to detect a gas leak is by the rotten-egg smell of the additive. Hissing around gas pipe fittings and connections is another telltale sign. Some people apply soapy water around the suspected leak to see if it bubbles — a sign of leaking gas.

Other signs include:

  • Open flame from a gas pipe or appliance, ignited by a pilot light or electrical spark
  • Discolored or dead vegetation, indicating an underground leak
  • Dirt or dust bubbling up from under soil, also indicating a leaking pipe

Detectors are available that will alert you to the presence of gas in your home’s air.

What to Do About a Gas Leak

If you believe gas is leaking at a dangerous level in your home, clear everyone out, including pets. Inform your gas utility company, and if no one is available to come right away, call the fire department. Emergency personnel are generally trained to deal with gas leaks.

Do not turn on lights or any electronic devices. Don’t use cell phones. Don’t smoke, strike a match or use an open flame. Don’t start a vehicle if it’s near an area in which gas may be present.

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