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Tackle This Fall Maintenance Checklist

Autumn is here, and you know what that means: time for your annual fall maintenance. There are a number of tasks that need to be done, to get your house and your HVAC system ready for winter. Here’s a handy checklist to help you stay on top of things.

Trim trees and rake leaves.

As the trees start to shed their leaves, it’s important to rake them from your yard, and trim away any dead branches. Trimming helps improve the health of the tree, while raking improves the overall health of your yard. Plus, it’s important to keep the area around your A/C clear, so it doesn’t become dirty and debris-filled during the off season.

Furnace tuneup.

One of the most important fall maintenance to-do items is scheduling your annual furnace tuneup. Your HVAC technician will check the system and its components, to make sure everything’s in good working order, running at peak efficiency, and ready for the coming heating season.

Change your air filter.

Your HVAC air filter should be changed every few months, at minimum, and just before heating season is the perfect time to do it. A clean filter will improve your indoor air quality and your system’s airflow, to keep your home comfortable and lower your energy bills.

Clean your registers.

Your HVAC system may filter out allergens and contaminants, but if your registers are dirty, the air will just pick up more dust as it blows into your home. To clean your registers, turn the system off, remove the registers from the vents, and wash them with soap and water before replacing them.

Reset your thermostat.

As the weather turns cold, you’ll need to switch your thermostat to winter settings instead of summer. Additionally, if you have kids returning to school this fall, your programmable thermostat will need to be reset, to accommodate your family’s schedule. Program the energy saving setting for when you’re at work and they’re in class, so you’re not paying to heat an empty house.

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