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Summertime Energy Savings: Tips to Live By

Summertime Energy Savings: Tips to Live ByMost homeowners do not realize that making small changes can save them a lot of money in their overall cooling costs. Many changes cost little to nothing and can be done by the homeowner within just a few minutes. Below are a few summertime energy savings tips that you can use to start saving money right away.

Put Up Window Shades

Window shades and blinds are affordable ways to decrease the amount of heat that develops in a room. When the sunlight shines in a room, it will heat the room and your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the home cool. During the day, the blinds and shades should stay closed. When the sun is no longer shining into a window, you can open them and not have to worry about the room heating up from the sunlight.

Replace the Air Filters

Over time, air filters will collect dust and dirt. When the air filter fills with dirt and dust, the air conditioner will have to work harder to cool the home. Air filters often need to be replaced every other month and cost very little. This is one of the summertime energy savings tips that will save you a lot of money without requiring much effort.

Increase the Temperature in the Home

The temperature in the home should be set at 78 degrees. This is the optimum temperature to set your thermostat because it will keep the temperature at the home consistent without requiring the air conditioner to work harder. You want to be sure that the air conditioner can take a break from time to time.

The professionals at Arpi’s Industries Ltd can help you find what the right summertime savings tips for your home. They have more than 50 years of experience and can find the perfect solutions for you.

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