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Summer Allergy Season: How To Freshen Up Your Indoor Air Quality

If you are one of the 60 million Americans who suffers from allergies, you will be all too familiar with watery, itchy eyes; sneezing and a runny nose. The average American home harbors around 72 trillion airborne allergens. No matter how much or how often you clean, some of these floating allergens will survive.

One of the best ways to reduce your allergy symptoms is to improve your indoor air quality. Allergy-proofing your home can protect you and your family from many common allergens. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Defeat dust. Dust buildup can also cause allergies. You can avoid accumulation of dust by regularly vacuuming rugs and sweeping hardwood floors. Place doormats by exterior doors to reduce the chance of dust and pollen being carried in from outside.
  • Eradicate dust mites. Consider purchasing dust mite-proof covers for your box springs, mattresses and pillows. Wash all bedding weekly in water that is heated to at least 130 degrees. Wash comforter covers regularly.
  • Ban smoking. Do not let anyone smoke in your home.
  • Annihilate mold. Mold is a leading cause of allergies and other health problems. Clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces regularly and make sure all seams are caulked to prevent mold growth.
  • Keep pets clean. If you have dogs or cats, groom and bathe them regularly to reduce animal hair and dander.
  • Keep air clean. If you want to eradicate pollutants in the air, you will need to make sure that the filtration system in your HVAC system is working properly and that the filters are clean. Have the system serviced regularly and the filters replaced as needed.
  • Watch your indoor humidity level. It should be between 30-50 percent.

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