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Simple Ways to Conserve Energy While On Vacation This Summer

Simple Ways to Conserve Energy While On Vacation This SummerAs you prepare for your vacation, you’ll probably make a list of things to pack and errands to run before you go. Another helpful checklist you might want to create outlines household tasks you should complete before you leave. You’ll want to change the sheets, wash the dishes and take out the trash to ensure that you come home to a comfortable environment. In addition, you’ll want to take care of a few tasks that can help you conserve energy while on vacation and subsequently save you money.

Turn Appliances Off

Any appliances connected through surge protectors can be turned off by simply flipping the switch. If they’re connected directly to the wall outlet, unplug them to eliminate power drawn when they’re in standby mode, as well as to protect them from power surges.

Adjust the Temperature

By using a programmable thermostat, you can increase the temperature while you’re away and lower it again in the hours before you return. If this isn’t an option, increase the temperature when you leave and lower it when you come home. Your home will cool back down within a reasonable time if you set the temperature four degrees hotter than you would if you were home. This setting can save you up to 20 percent on energy use while you are gone.

Keep the Air Conditioner On

Don’t turn the air conditioning system off completely. Certainly, you can conserve energy while on vacation by turning it off, but you may also incur damage to your home, canceling out the benefits. Your refrigerator and freezer will have to work harder to keep your food cool, wasting energy and damaging the appliance. Excessive heat and humidity can also damage furniture and painted surfaces.

Simple Maintenance

Make sure the air filters are clean and the area around your HVAC system is free of dirt and debris.

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