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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the A/C

Signs It's Time to Upgrade the A/CIf your A/C is old, but not giving you too much trouble, you might be unsure whether to replace it. Here are some signs that it’s time to upgrade the A/C.

  1. Installed more than 10 years ago. An A/C installed more than 10 years ago is using old technology. That guarantees that it will be louder, less reliable, and less energy efficient than today’s models. A switch could save you up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.
  2. Too many repairs. Does it seem like your A/C needs repairs every few months? If you’ve been spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per year to keep fixing it, it might make better financial sense to replace it. Financing is available if you can’t afford the full cost all at once.
  3. Rooms that are too hot or too cold. This is a telltale sign that your system is no longer able to keep up with your comfort needs. Uneven cooling can be caused by mechanical issues that prevent proper cooling or distribution of conditioned air, ductwork that needs to be replaced or poor insulation.
  4. You can’t stand the noise anymore. Older systems are sometimes louder due to their older technology, but this isn’t the only possible cause of noise. Ductwork not properly sized to your system or problems with your evaporator coil might also be to blame.
  5. You’ve added rooms to your home. If you’ve expanded your home (or the previous owner did), you probably did so without replacing your A/C. This means that you’re expecting the same system to cool more space and it may be undersized for the job. If it’s constantly running as it struggles to cool your renovated home, it’s time to get a properly sized new system.

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