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Should You Have an Air Quality Test Done in Your Home?

Air Quality TestNow that so many people are working from home, indoor air quality is more important than ever. You may have read that most homes’ interior air is several times more polluted than outdoor air. If you’re having headaches or respiratory problems that you think might be related to poor indoor air quality, you may be wondering if you need an air quality test.

While some products on the market help monitor air quality, your air may or may not still need testing.

Need an Air Quality Test?

In most cases, the pollutant giving you fits should be obvious. For instance, if you have mold in an area where there’s excessive dampness, you know the source of that dampness needs to be addressed and measures taken to clean up the mold so that spores don’t pollute the air.

If you have pets who shed hair, you may react with an allergic response to the pet dander or to the flaky stuff that fur-bearing animals shed. Control the dander with regular bathing and brushing (outdoors) of the pets.

Lots of dust in your home? You can probably see it quite easily. You may develop an irritation or allergy to it that leads to a runny nose and irritable throat. Air-sealing your home can keep dust at a minimum. Install a quality HVAC filter.

Have you got pollen in your home? While you may not be able to see it, rest assured it can adhere to your clothing when you’re outdoors. Brush it off before you come inside or change your clothes immediately.

Frequent vacuuming will help control all of these airborne pollutants.

An air quality monitor can help detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (a deadly gas given off by fuel-burning appliances), tobacco smoke, and radon.


If your house is located in an area where radon is a concern, schedule a radon test in addition to an air quality test. Radon migrates from the ground into the home. It can cause cancer, so a radon barrier should be installed in the home.

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