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Save Money and Conserve Water

Save Money and Conserve WaterIn Calgary’s dry climate, fresh water is a particularly valuable natural resource. Taking some simple steps to conserve water protects this resource while also keeping your water bills down.

In the Kitchen and Bath

Toilets are big water hogs, with old models guzzling up to 6 gallons per flush (gpf). If you have an older toilet, consider replacing it with a WaterSense toilet. These use as little as 1.28 gpf and are tested to perform as well as or better than standard models. A dual-flush toilet can save you even more water.

Showering is another major water user. If your shower can fill a gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, it’s time for an upgrade. WaterSense shower heads use 20 percent less water than standard models, while still providing the same pressures and spray forces. Because efficient shower heads reduce your hot water use, they help lower both your water and energy bills.

Wash your dishes in the dishwasher rather than by hand. Aim to run the dishwasher only when you have a full load. When you do laundry, match the water level to the load or wash only full loads for the greatest water and energy savings.

Around the House and Garden

Check your faucets and pipes for leaks. Just two faucets dripping once a minute is all it takes to waste nearly 70 gallons of water a year. Usually, replacing the washers and O-rings solves the problem. Leaky pipes add humidity to the air, which encourages mold growth. Consult a plumber about replacing pipes that leak. Schedule an annual plumbing inspection to head off leaks and clogs before they cause water waste and damage.

For your home’s landscape, focus on native plants. These have adapted to Calgary’s rainfall levels, so they require little watering or other maintenance. If you need to water, consider an in-ground irrigation system, which makes it easy to conserve water compared to using oscillating sprinklers or a hose.

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