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Replacing a Toilet: When Is the Right Time?

Replacing a Toilet: When Is the Right Time?If there’s a life preserver in your bathroom because of the number of times your toilet has overflowed, this is an obvious sign it’s in need of being replaced. However, your toilet may be giving you other, more subtle signs it is ready for retirement. There are several reasons to consider replacing a toilet:

Recurring clogs
Older, low-flush toilet technology has a tendency to clog and often requires multiple flushes to remove waste. If you plunge more than once a week it is advisable to simply replace your toilet and save yourself any further aggravation.

Hairline cracks in the tank or bowl often go unnoticed, resulting in small leaks and eventually large floods that can seriously damage your home. Cracks usually indicate a good time for replacing a toilet before damage can occur.

Numerous repairs
If your repair list includes every part on your toilet save the bowl, you may want to put off repairing in favor of replacing a toilet. While the parts may cost less it will save you in the long run on time, headaches and water expenses to simply replace.

Saving water
Saving water with a low flush toilet is often reason enough for replacement as these toilets use 4-19 liters less per flush than older models. This not only helps the environment, but saves you quite a bit yearly on water costs. Check under the tank’s lid to determine age as pre-1980 toilets can use more than 26 liters per flush compared to 6 liters maximum for modern toilets.

Toilets that are too high, low, wide or narrow can be very uncomfortable to sit on. Don’t forget to put comfort on your list of considerations.

Cosmetic issues
Is your toilet an unsightly mustard yellow from a time best forgotten? Perhaps it has numerous scratches from years of use that make keeping it clean a hassle.

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