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Replacing Sides of Your A/C: Why They Should Match

Replacing Sides of Your A/C: Why They Should MatchReplacing the indoor and outdoor sides of your A/C unit takes some research to make sure both sides match. When indoor and outdoor units are not matched properly, it can create stress on the system, reducing the efficiency upwards of 30 percent or more, and possibly resulting in a failure of the entire system.

Split air conditioning systems have two main components: an indoor (evaporator coil) unit and an outdoor (condensing) unit. The two parts are matched to work together to deliver top performance and maximum efficiency while providing the utmost cooling.

A part designed to work with the newer R410a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant won’t work with parts requiring the refrigerant R-22, which was used in older systems and is now being phased out nationwide. When replacing sides of your A/C, either because of damage or equipment failure, you must be sure that both sides use the same kinds of refrigerant, or else run the high risk of premature failure. Using a contractor who is qualified helps ensure a system is properly matched.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) considerations also factor into a properly matched system. Newer equipment must meet the federally mandated minimum of SEER 13; that means a newer part will not mesh well with older equipment if the efficiency rating of the latter is lower. You may need to replace the entire system.

Major disasters, like flooding, do occur, and the risk of you hiring an unqualified contractor rises greatly. The influx of these untrained people is due to the temptation to make fast money off those who are in need of repairs. Insurance companies may be unfamiliar with the fact that replacing sides of your A/C requires matching, so settlements for some claims may not be sufficient to do the necessary work. When you are already dealing with a hard situation and trying to recover from disasters, make sure you choose a reputable and qualified contractor to ensure all will go as smoothly as possible.

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