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Reduce Your Home’s Dust and Reduce Troublesome Allergies

Reduce Your Home's Dust and Reduce Troublesome AllergiesThose individuals who have never experienced allergies have no idea of the value of finding ways to avoid them. If you reduce your home’s dust you can reduce troublesome allergies. Below are some tips as to how.

Seal Air Leaks

Cracks and crevices around doors and windows allow dust and pollen to enter your home, triggering allergies. Seal those air leaks using weather stripping or caulking to minimize the dust that gets blown inside.

Clear Your Dryer Vent

Make sure your dryer vent leads directly outside. Poorly designed ventilation or clogged dryer vents tend to blow lint all over your home adding to dead skin cells to create a thick layer of dust.


Take your shoes off at the door or in your mud room. Doing so minimizes the places in your home that you track in dust, pollen and grasses from outside. It also serves to keep the floors in your home cleaner.


To reduce your home’s dust, reduce the amount of time your pets spend indoors. Even short-haired pets that don’t shed much carry dust and pollen inside on their fur. Make sure you select a breed of animal that does not shed.

Change the Air Filter

Change the air filter in your furnace regularly. The filter serves to keep duct work and mechanical parts free of dust and debris that could otherwise be blown into your home.

Clean the Duct Work

To clear the ducts of dust already there, consider having your duct work cleaned by a professional in addition to keeping the air filter clean and changed regularly.

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