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Proven Energy Savings Through Duct Sealing

One of the ways energy loss occurs is through a home’s ductwork. Out of all the energy your home uses for heating and cooling, leaks in ductwork can contribute up to a 20 percent energy loss. This makes duct-sealing a proven way to produce energy savings. Without it, your HVAC equipment becomes inefficient, you see higher utility bills, and your home just isn’t as comfortable as it could be, no matter what the thermostat says.

The areas that most often contribute to leaks are a duct system’s connections. If you decide to take on duct-sealing (and this is not an easy job for a do-it-yourselfer), look for leaks:

  • in places where duct tubes connect with other duct tubes
  • in connections between the ductwork and registers or grills where air is released into the home
  • at the intersection of the ducts and the furnace

The prime locations where you should be able to access ducts are in the basement, attic, crawlspace or garage. Look for air leaks by feeling for leaks or looking for visible disconnections.

Most HVAC professionals recommend using a special sealant for ducts, called mastic sealant. You can also use a metal tape designed for use with ducts to close off leaks.

As a result of duct-sealing, you’ll see energy savings in several areas, including lower energy bills. With well-sealed ducts, you can close the gap on that 20 percent energy loss. Also, your heating and cooling equipment will live longer. Air leaks cause your home comfort systems to work much harder, and they still maintain a lower-quality atmosphere. By operating HVAC systems efficiently, you can extend the life of your equipment.

It’s impossible to address all areas of the duct system, because some of it is hidden in places like your walls. However, you can still get proven energy savings by duct-sealing the areas you can access, and get a more comfortable home in the process.

The experts at Arpi’s Industries LTD. are available to answer any questions you have about ductwork and energy savings. And since duct-sealing may well be too difficult for you to take on yourself, the pros at Arpi’s can do the whole job for you.

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