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Protecting Yourself against Door-to-Door Furnace Scams

Protecting Yourself against Door-to-Door Furnace Scams
Several reports of bogus door-to-door salesman using high-pressure tactics to sell furnaces have surfaced in Calgary.  The scam involves fake salesman convincing residents that their old furnace has been condemned by the City of Calgary and use scare tactics and high pressure sales to convert residents into making a furnace purchase on the spot.
How to spot the scam? If a salesman comes to your door claiming that City of Calgary has condemned your furnaces without actually doing an inspection or convince you to do a random inspection –it is most likely a scam. If you or someone you know has come across this situation, contact the Calgary Police.
Tips to protect yourself against fraud:
Tip 1: Ask for proper identification like a business card as well as a driver’s licence and ask to take a picture on your mobile phone.
Tip 2: If the salesman provides a business card, call the landline and look up the business address. Often, scammers use pay as you go phones, which are untraceable.
Tip 3: Ask for references from previous customers or to see examples of their work.
Tip 4: Don’t sign on the spot – most fraudulent salesmen will convince you that you have to buy right away.   
How to do it right: Get a quote from credible companies. Go online to research companies with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Look up how long they have been around and ensure you are dealing with licensed and certified technicians, and lastly before any install job ensure they have proper permits.
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