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Programming Your Thermostat for Winter

Getting through Calgary’s long, cold winters in comfort takes some know-how and correctly resetting the programmable thermostat for winter is one of the things you should know how to do. With the right temperature settings, your thermostat will keep you comfortable efficiently 24 hours a day.

Choosing Efficient Temperatures

Most people are comfortable with a room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees, so set your programmable thermostat in that range for the times when you’re home and awake. Then to keep your heating bills low, reduce the temperature for the times when you’re out of the house or in bed asleep. Programming your thermostat for around 2 to 3 degrees lower during these times is optimal for energy savings. You could save around 1 percent on your energy bill for every degree you reduce the temperature.

Avoid turning the temperature back by more than 4 degrees, though, or you’ll increase your indoor humidity, which will leave you less comfortable and could lead to moisture and mold problems in your home.

To save a little more, gradually reduce the temperature you use while you’re at home. As you acclimate to the winter weather, lower the temperature by half a degree every month.

Using Your Thermostat Wisely

For the greatest savings, set your energy-saving temperatures for at least 8 hours at a time.

Your thermostat’s override option is designed to let you temporarily change the temperature without wiping out your pre-programmed settings. It’s handy for unexpected cold snaps, but using it several times a week will negate your energy savings. If you often find yourself feeling chilly, it’s more efficient to just program in more comfortable temperatures.

Remember that cranking your thermostat up to 30 won’t heat your house faster. If you want to make sure your home is a certain temperature when you arrive, invest in a thermostat with an adaptive recovery feature.

For more tips on resetting the programmable thermostat in your home or other ideas on staying comfortable affordably, contact us at Arpi’s Industries in the Calgary area.

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