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Programmable Thermostats Will Help Keep You Warmer This Winter — if You Use Them Right

Programmable Thermostats Will Help Keep You Warmer This Winter -- if You Use Them RightThough the winters can be quite cold in Calgary, that does not mean you have to keep your house at a less than ideal temperature for the season. When used in an effective manner, programmable thermostats can help you bridge the gap between living comfortably and keeping your energy costs at a reasonable level. The trick lies in configuring the multiple temperature and time settings of the devices to use your heating system in a more efficient manner.


When you are at home during the day, set the thermostat to use your ideal, or warmest, temperature setting. This could even be a bit higher than what you would typically use with a manual thermostat, because the energy use will be offset by the other modes.


While you are away at work, set the temperature of the house several degrees lower. This will reduce energy costs substantially because the heater will run less often. About an hour before you return from work, the program can be set to raise the temperature back to the optimum level by the time you arrive.


Similar to the work program, the overnight program should set the temperature lower for sleeping, and then raise it back up before you wake. Keep it cool enough that you need a blanket at night for optimal savings.


If you plan to be away for a while, programmable thermostats can be set to keep the house a few degrees above freezing during the trip. This will save considerable energy during the time you are away, while still protecting the plumbing from freezing temperatures. Before you are due back, the system can be set to bring the house back up to normal temperature.

After experimenting for a while, you will find the perfect settings for your heating system, allowing you to remain comfortable and possibly save some money during the winter months. For more information on programmable thermostats or the rest of your heating system, please feel free to contact Arpi’s Industries, LTD, serving Calgary and the surrounding areas.

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