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Preventing Backflow in Your Home

Water coming into your residence from the mainline is supposed to only flow in one direction. Backflow occurs when the pressure in the main water line changes, which can cause your wastewater to flow back into the mainline. This can cause performance issues and contamination to clean water from waste products such as human waste, cleaning products, lawn care runoff, and chlorine. In fact, 73% of home water usage is from unprotected cross-connections. This greatly increases the chance for backflow contamination due to pressure changes, and it’s why backflow prevention is so important.

What Causes Backflow And Where It Can Occur

Backflow commonly occurs when there are changes in pressure in the local water system. These changes can be caused by private citizens or public entities such as city workers or firefighters. These events can include city water-line repairs or maintenance, local plumbing repairs in private homes, firefighters using large amounts of water, and other such events. The important thing to know is that the events that cause backflow are not uncommon, and many are everyday events.

In your home, many plumbing components, such as faucets and toilets, and also commonplace appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, have backflow prevention built in. However, this still leaves systems such as boilers, some shower heads, and irrigation systems vulnerable to contamination. Additionally, existing backflow-prevention systems can occasionally require repair.

Signs Of Backflow Issues

The signs of backflow can include water discoloration, weak water pressure, a bad taste, sulfurlike odours, and slow draining. The installation of a backflow preventer by a professional can help keep your home’s water system safe from contamination. Also, if you have such a system already installed, the above issues could be signs it needs repair or replacement.


Backflow can be a hazard to your home’s safety and even to your health. If you suspect you’re having backflow issues, contact a professional plumbing expert. Residents of Calgary and surrounding areas are advised to contact Arpi’s Industries today for more information on backflow prevention and how they can help keep your home’s water system safe.

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