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Never Again Forget to Change Your Air Filter

Never Again Forget to Change Your Air Filter“Out of sight, out of mind” is a saying that perfectly captures the situation with your forced-air heating and cooling system’s air filter. This modest but essential piece of equipment performs its job hidden inside your furnace plenum or air conditioner air handler, and as a result, it easily forgotten. Yet, it’s crucial for comfort, energy efficiency and system operation to have a fresh, unclogged filter inside your HVAC system.

Why is a Clean Air Filter Necessary?

When your furnace blower or air handler tries to draw air into a clogged air filter, airflow is restricted, forcing the equipment to work harder to circulate air into the furnace or A/C, and then through ductwork into your home. Dust particles will settle on HVAC components, interfering with the machinery’s smooth operation. These issues waste energy, stress system components, and restrict smooth circulation of conditioned air through your house.

Now that we’ve established the importance of regularly inspecting the air filter, and changing it when necessary, how does one remember to do this? Following are some tips for jogging your memory:

  • The easiest way (though potentially more expensive) is to outfit your HVAC system with a check-filter light. It lights up when it’s time to change the filter. Some smart thermostats also have this feature, signaling your smartphone or computer when it’s time for a filter change.
  • You can also set reminders on your computer or smart-phone. These won’t tell you when the filter needs to be changed, but almost as effectively will remind you to check the filter to see if a change is necessary. When you install the new filter, write down the date on the filter frame. That way, you’ll know how long it’s been since it was installed.
  • Purchase several air filters at a time and leave them in a conspicuous location as a reminder of this important task.
  • Incorporate the task of checking the filter with other routine household chores.

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