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Lower Your Budget Requirements With These Energy-Saving Tips

Are you in need of some effective energy-saving tips? To stay comfortable through a Southern Alberta winter, with its harsh winds and frigid temperatures, homeowners have to use their heating systems a lot. And while higher energy bills are a reality for homeowners in our region, you can control heating costs, at least to some degree, by incorporating the energy-saving measures below throughout your home.

  • Set your home temperature lower. According to the government of Alberta, each degree you setback your thermostat will translate into a 2 percent savings on your utility bills. Over the long winter, saving 2 percent (or more) on your energy bills will add up to significant savings.
  • Ensure that your heating system operates efficiently. This action involves two steps. First, you should change your system’s air filters regularly. A clean filter improves airflow, and adequate airflow is the key to efficient operations. Second, scheduling fall maintenance (or scheduling maintenance now if you missed it) keeps your system clean, and experts agree that regular service is the primary factor that will guarantee efficiency.
  • Avoid unnecessary energy consumption by dialing back your water heater’s temperature. Most manufacturers preset water heaters higher than necessary. Forty-nine degrees is an energy-saving setting, and you won’t notice a difference in the temperature when you use hot water to shower. However, some home appliances, like dishwashers, require a higher temperature setting, so consult your user guide or talk with an HVAC expert to explore your options.
  • Seal air leaks throughout the home. A tight home that doesn’t allow outside air in, or inside air out, is a low-cost measure that greatly enhances home efficiency.
  • Upgrade equipment. While high-efficiency heating equipment is a significant investment, it translates into bigger energy savings, and that’s savings you’ll reap over the life of the equipment.

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