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Low-Flow Fixtures: Will They Help You Save?

Low-Flow Fixtures: Will They Help You Save?Low-flow fixtures are essentially water-saving technology incorporated into faucets, showers and toilets for residential use, and toilets, urinals and service sinks for commercial use. They are proven to save money on both your energy bill and your water consumption bill, and they often pay back their investment in a year or less. In fact, the more often a low-flow fixture is used, the faster the return in savings will be.

Toilets are good examples of this technology. A standard toilet may use more than 13 litres of water each time it is flushed. But a low-flow fixture toilet may use as little as six litres per flush and yet be just as effective. The water savings are almost double for a low-flow toilet over a standard flushing toilet.

Low-flow shower heads and faucets are even more efficient. These fixtures also supply hot water, which affects your energy bill as well.

For example, a regular shower head may supply you with up to 18 liters of water per minute. Conversely, a low-flow shower head will cut that water consumption in half to nine liters of water per minute, while some of the most efficient shower heads are rated at six liters per minute. This means that not only are you potentially using three times less water consumption during your showers, you are using three times less energy to heat that water. In this instance, the savings actually double.

Low-flow fixtures, no matter what types they may be, are your best bet for saving money through both less energy usage and water consumption. In all cases, there is no reason not to switch to modern low-flow fixtures for your house, home or business. The difference will be seen on both your water bill and energy bill every month.

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