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Looking to Hire: HVAC Technician Qualities

Looking to Hire: HVAC Technician QualitiesWhen your heating or cooling system isn’t working right, you need a qualified HVAC technician to show up and take care of the problem right away. Here are some of the personal and professional qualities that you should expect from a qualified HVAC tech who works for a reputable company:

  • Knowledge, education, and training: You want your HVAC technician to know what he’s doing when he starts working on your heating or cooling system. A well-qualified HVAC tech will have in-depth knowledge of HVAC concepts and will have been trained in a reputable program.
  • Ability to solve complex problems: HVAC systems can be very complex, and finding out how trouble with one part of the system affects the others can take some high-level problem-solving skills. Your HVAC tech needs to have those skills in abundance.
  • Physical strength and endurance: HVAC service often requires technicians to work for long periods in extreme heat or cold and to be able to stand on their feet for long periods. They must be able to move and manipulate heavy equipment and components. More importantly, they must be able to work this way for a whole day.
  • Honesty: When you let an HVAC into your home, you’re counting on his honesty and integrity. They may see valuable items in your home, but you need to be able to trust that, once the HVAC tech has gone, those items will be exactly where you left them.
  • Reliability: You need to be able to rely on your HVAC technician to arrive on time and to do what he says he will do. You should also reasonably expect that the technician will give you and your equipment his full attention while on-site and not be distracted by talking to others unnecessarily, answering his cell phone, or wasting time.

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