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Let The Experts Take Care Of Your Valuable Plumbing Systems

Homeowners count on their plumbing systems to work regularly and efficiently. Often, homeowners feel confident taking on a faucet or toilet repair. However, there are occasions when it’s necessary to have a professional repair or install plumbing fixtures, and it’s often worthwhile to pay an expert to do the job.


Water use in the bathroom alone can contribute to up to half of your entire home’s water use. In addition, water used by toilets accounts for up to 30 percent of your water use. The amount of water you use shows up on water bills, so whenever there is waste, there’s a potential problem. In addition, you also pay to heat about half of that water, which means plumbing systems comprise a considerable portion of your energy bills.

Because these valuable systems can be complicated and contribute to a lot of your home’s energy budget, it makes sense to call an expert when you need plumbing service.

One problem to address right away is leaks. If you have a leaky faucet, you’re losing money. Just five drips per minute from a faucet means you’re losing 80 litres of water monthly. While a single drip might not seem like a lot, those litres add up over the course of the year and cost you money.

Besides fixing leaky faucets and saving you money, another area where experts help is with installing high-efficiency toilets. Some high-efficiency toilets use as little as three litres of water per flush. Your HVAC expert knows about high-efficiency toilets and can select one that will work for you. In addition, he or she will install it correctly so that you get maximum efficiency.

Do you have leaky faucets or older toilets that are causing unnecessary water use? Are you flushing loonies down the toilet? Consider using an expert like Arpi’s plumbing service to install money-saving options. Arpi’s, a leader in Calgary’s HVAC industry, offers plumbing service in several areas, such as faucet and toilet repair and replacement, hot water tank service and boiler service. We’re here to help; call us with your questions.

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