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 Learn About Smart HVAC Systems

It seems like everywhere you turn these days you hear about some new “smart” technology. Now, even HVAC systems have entered the realm of smart operation. Following is a rundown on what you can expect if you’re upgrading to a smart HVAC system.

What a Smart HVAC System Can Do

When you shop for a new HVAC system, it may be a mistake to settle for the least expensive equipment. Often that equipment will give you very little control over maintaining heating and cooling efficiency in the home.

Smart features do add some costs to the system, but they also add savings in the form of lower utility bills. Here are just a few of the things a smart system can do:

  • Heat or cool a room evenly and using less power
  • Reduce humidity
  • “Learn” how much heating or cooling is needed in different parts of the house by analyzing usage through sensors, so the right amount is consistently delivered
  • Control the system remotely, so that you can adjust the temperature during changes in the weather

As you can see, smart features offer the homeowner the opportunity to save significantly on utility bills by allowing better control.

An added boon of this smart technology is that it allows the homeowner to diminish his or her carbon footprint, an important step in improving the health of the environment.

What’s in a “Smart” System?

HVAC systems will most likely continue for the immediate future to retain the basic components of a furnace or boiler to heat, and a central air conditioner or heat pump to cool. Some of these parts can be made “smarter,” however. The thermostat, for instance, should be programmable by remote control. It should also work with a zoned system to send heating or cooling where it’s needed by opening or closing dampers in ductwork. A variable speed air handler that can adjust how much conditioned air it delivers based on room conditions is another example.

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