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Leaky Ductwork Increases Energy Bills

leaky ductwork calgary albertaWhen you turn on your forced-air furnace or air conditioner, the heated or cooled air produced by the system is distributed within your home via the ductwork. All of the air produced by your HVAC unit travels through the ductwork, so any leaks, gaps or other openings in this system can cause considerable energy loss and dramatic increases to your utility bills. To help keep your energy expenses under control, it is extremely important that you fix leaky ductwork in your HVAC system.

Simple leaks, holes and loose connections in the ductwork can account for as much as a 20-percent loss of the air and energy flowing through the system. Ductwork in unconditioned or uninsulated areas of your home, such as a garage or unfinished attic or basement, can lose 60 percent or more. If any sections of ductwork are severely damaged, completely detached or missing entirely, the loss of conditioned air can approach 100 percent.

Sealing the ductwork in your HVAC system will prevent this excessive waste of resources. You can seal the leaky ductwork yourself, or contact your local trusted HVAC provider for a professional sealing. Ductwork sealing should include the following steps:

  • Check the entire length of the duct network for loose connections, gaps, holes, cracks or other areas where conditioned air can leak out.
  • Re-seal loose connections of ductwork and ensure a tight fit between segments.
  • Ensure duct pipes are firmly attached to vents and registers in your home.
  • Seal connections and joints with mastic, a specialized sealant designed for ducts, or with metal tape. Don’t use standard duct tape because the tape can dry out and fail over time.
  • Repair or replace any damaged or missing sections of ductwork.
  • Insulate the ductwork to prevent further loss of energy through the relatively thin metal of the pipes.

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