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Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your HVAC Systems?

Smart consumers know that the repair-or-replace question is best asked before a system breaks down. Imagine trying to make an informed decision about replacing your heating system in the middle of an Alberta winter. You can use clues about your current HVAC systems to take the time to comparison shop and get the best system possible – before there are problems.

Energy Star recommends that consumers consider replacing heating systems after 15 years. That’s because newer systems are more energy efficient, making energy bills lower and your home more comfortable.

It’s also recommended that you consider replacement if current systems require significant repairs. Because you’ll get increased energy savings with newer systems, it’s often less advantageous to invest in repair costs.

Older heating systems also have to work much harder to produce heat; as a result, your home might not be as comfortable as it could be. Because heating equipment runs all day long in the winter to comfortably heat your home, you’re probably losing a lot of energy and money.

If you think that your system is nearing the end of its best days, use this time to consider fuel source, size and efficiency before upgrading.

Predicting fuel costs over the next decade or so can be a tricky process. With the fluctuation in fuel prices, the best way to calculate fuel costs is to take present-day prices and calculate usage. The Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers consumers a calculation guide for fuel costs.

Sizing is also critical to efficiency. Have your HVAC contractor conduct a heat-loss calculation to determine your home’s energy use and figure out the system capacity you need. According to CMHC, most homes have oversized heating systems, making upgrading to a smaller capacity furnace more economical.

With fuel costs and sizing in mind, you and your contractor can figure out the best type of heating and cooling equipment for your home, based in part on the efficiency that you need. Together, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about upgrading.

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