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Is a Floor Drain Necessary for Your High-Efficiency Furnace?

A floor drain for a high efficiency furnace manages condensationA high-efficiency furnace (also called a condensing furnace) will always have condensation as a byproduct of heating your home. A floor drain is necessary for your high-efficiency furnace because the water has to go somewhere and a floor drain is the easiest and most effective outlet.

How High-Efficiency Furnaces Work

A high-efficiency furnace extracts the heat from the combustion gases by using a second heat exchanger. This gas is largely water vapour that cools, as the air blows over the heat exchanger. As it cools, it condenses into a liquid state. Sending it into a floor drain is the safest and most efficient way of disposing of it.

Sometimes HVAC installers route the drain pipe for the condensation through a wall into an adjacent bathroom or accessible plumbing drain pipe. While these are acceptable approaches, a floor drain offers the most direct route out of your home because it uses gravity and does not require any additional equipment.

Installing the Drain for your High-Efficiency Furnaces

If you’re in the process of installing a high-efficiency furnace, your HVAC contractor will talk to you about your drainage options. There are a couple of different options for drainage, like a condensate pump, or tying into an existing plumbing vent in your home.

If you have an existing high-efficiency furnace and want to drain it from the floor, ask an HVAC pro from Arpi’s about moving forward with this approach. There may be local codes that require permits and inspections in your jurisdiction that require a licensed HVAC technician and/or a plumber to safeguard public safety.

Licensed professionals know what kinds of drains will meet local guidelines while also withstanding the rigorous cold in this region. The best drain for your home may depend on where your HVAC equipment is located and how likely it is that you’ll experience freezing temperatures.

A floor drain is the ideal way to get rid of the condensation from a high-efficiency furnace. It’s not a do-it-yourself project, and if you’d like to learn more, contact Arpi’s Industries. We provide trusted plumbing and HVAC services for Calgary homeowners.